Support Donkey Dreamland – Sponsoring Overview

Support Donkey Dreamland and the Donkeys!

Donkey Dreamland couldn’t exist without the financial support of all our fabulous sponsors and donors, who facilitate the vision of a harmfree and enjoyable life for every donkey. 


With your help Donkey Dreamland can provide for daily food, fresh water, medical treatment and general donkey welfare, transport, vet and farrier costs as well as material supply and tools for the maintenance of paddocks, stables, fences and other projects around the rescue center for the sake of the well-being of the donkeys.

We appreciate that our supporters want to help the donkeys and that different circumstances apply to different people. That’s why we have created different levels of monthly sponsorship, plus a one-off donation which could be used for a birthday present or other celebration. We are sure that there will be something to suit all, but if not, there is always the option to support the donkeys through one off donations.

Sponsor Donkey Dreamland

Become a Patron by supporting 

Donkey Dreamland with a sponsorship 

starting from €10 a month.

Become a Best Friend by supporting Donkey Dreamland with a generous annual donation and experience our donkeys in various special events around the year.

Support Donkey Dreamland with your company or business and become an important support for our donkeys.

Provide for a donkey that is being cared 

on your behalf!

You can sponsor a donkey for yourself or share the joy

by giving the gift of a donkey sponsorship to a loved one!


One-off Donation

Material Donation

Make a singular donation to Donkey Dreamland

with an amount of your choice.

Donate tools or other items that are needed.

Whatever your choice, you are doing something amazing and making a big difference!

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