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Become a Patron of donkey dreamland

We recognise that throughout the world, there are many good causes in need of financial assistance. That is why we try our hardest to generate the income required to fund the sanctuary through offering events and experiences.


Our Donkey Walk and Analusian Brunch experience has been extremely well received with ALL of our AirBnb Experience clients so far giving 5 star reviews. These take place in the mornings and now that the weather is warming up, we are introducing a Donkey Walk Picnic Experience, which we hope will be equally popular.


In addition, we offer guided tours of the sanctuary and work with schools locally to offer educational visits for school children. All of these generate much needed income for the sanctuary, plus we colleraberate with people and organisations to hold entertainment events, such a paella evenings and art workshops.

Unfortunately there is seemingly a never ending requirement for donkeys to be rescued or helped and for as long as we have the space and the resources, we will never turn away a donkey in need.


Often we provide medical assistance, treatment and education to the owners in situ as sometimes providing continuous financial support is better than simply taking the donkey to the sanctuary. This is particularly relevant where financial problems or old age or illness of the owners have caused the issues, rather than blatant neglect or abuse.

Often when we place our rescued donkeys in new Forever Homes, we continue to contribute to their costs. This is because a loving environment is more important than financial means.


We also happy to provide help, normally in the form of advice and assistance, to other donkey rescue organisations throughout the world, because whilst most people in most countries treat animals with the love and respect they deserve, there are too many situations where this is not the case.


Unfortunately income from experiences and events, whilst making a major contribution to our costs, is not enough to meet the ever rising costs of helping these amazing animals.

With the running costs of Donkey Dreamland currently around €4,500 per month, we are in need of Patrons or Benefactors to help us continue with our work and to keep providing help and assistance when and where it is needed. As a small token of our appreciation, when we have at least 250 Patrons, we will hold a monthly prize draw to provide one Patron with an expenses paid two night trip to visit Donkey Dreamland and partake in a tour of the sanctaury and an Experience. This will include two nights accommodation for two people. We will also offer two return flights, but in order to do so without defeating the object of the fundraising exercise, the combined cost of flights and accommodation will be restricted to €500 – so that does unfortunately mean supporters from from further afield may not have all the costs covered. But hopefully we will get the opportunity to say thank you to Patrons in the United Kingdom and Skandinavia, as well as nearby European countries.


All patrons will have free and unlimited access to the sanctuary during our standard opening hours, but also if there is a reason those hours are not suitable, we would be happy to organise a private visit. We want to to see what your generosity provides and to experience the love of the rescused donkeys.

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