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Whenever you visit the Donkey Dreamland sanctuary or a Donkey Dreamland Forever Home you will invariably see happy donkeys. The same applies when we post on Facebook, Instagram or our blog. However the reality is that virtually EVERY donkey that Donkey Dreamland has rescued, had suffered abuse and/or neglect.

Sponsorship of individual donkeys is also hugely important to us at Donkey Dreamland as it enables us to plan ahead and helps to provide for the welfare of the donkeys by meeting the monthly cost of feed and bedding, pay for the vet and ferrier and just as importantly, it helps to pay for our programme to educate and train donkey owners. Sponsorship means you are helping us providing for a donkey of your choice! And this donkey is being cared for on your behalf! 

Sponsoring a donkey is a guarantee of their having a better life, full of love and compassion,

plus a guarantee that we can continue helping abused and neglected donkeys.

Sponsor Valiente

In January 2023 Valiente came to Donkey Dreamland with severe injuries, wounds and scars on his body. Dogs attacked him while he was tied up, not allowing him to move freely nor able to defend himself. His right back leg is missing a big part of a muscle, which needs daily medical treatment and stretching.

But there is hope! Valiente, which means “brave” in Spanish, lives up to its name. He is a curious young donkey, not afraid of cats and dogs! He walks around the rescue center and enjoys his new freedom and explores the world around him.

And even better news for him, since he revently got adopted by the volunteer who was treating him every day and still treats him. So Valiente is still closely connected to our rescue center and always will be. 

Sponsor Vida

Vida came to Donkey Dreamland because he spent his days tied tightly to a post which meant he couldn’t move. Despite having been with us for quite some time, you can still see the harness marks on his face where he was struggling to break free.

Vida now, despite his size, stands his ground. Currently he spends hours charging round the paddock with his new friend Paco.

Vida may be one of our smaller donkeys but he certainly thinks he is one of the biggest ….. and when he’s not playing, Vida does love his cuddles from our volunteers and visitors.

If you’d like to sponsor Vida – please click the button below.

Sponsor Ander

Ander is our latest rescue, he is around 1 years old so still a baby boy. He is an unique donkey, completely white and he is gorgeous. 

His owner had him locked in a stable for 24 hours a day without windows and his mum was sold when he was just 4 months old. He was alone and scared in the dark and is scared of a lot of things. But he is safe with us now, very playfull and here he will learn how to overcome his fears and be a brave donkey.

If you want to help this beautiful boy growing up to be a strong and happy donkey, please consider becoming his sponsor. 

Sponsor Sabanero

Sabanero was wondering in the forrest all by himself. Our Friend Paula brought him to safety, took him in and then contacted us. She did an announcement with Seprona (Spanish Animal Police) and we shared his photo on social media but the owner never showed up since Sabanero was illegal. He had no microchip and was in poor condition, due to the lack of right nutrition he was found very skinny. 

Sabanero is around 3 years old and safe with us now. He is a very sweet boy who loves cuddles and seeks attention. 

If you would like to sponsor this sweet boy, click the button below.

Sponsor Maureen

Maureen is a 5 year young donkey who has been working since she was a baby. There was never mistreatment but she used to carry heavy stuff up and down the land of the owner.

Paco the owner is 95 years old and Maureen still has 35 years of life in front of her. He gave all his animals away because he wants a good life for them.

For the last 2 years Maureen has been tied up and she has been eating a lot of grain, which is not so good for donkeys. So she is obese but we can now help her and prevent future illness like laminitis. She is on a special diet and she is our newest lady at our rescue center.

Do you want to help us get her healthy and in good shape, click the button below.

Sponsor Jenny

Jenny is our big giant lady, not only big in size but she also has the biggest heart and is a big cuddler. Jenny was living a happy life with her owner but he asked us to take Jenny in, since Jenny is still a young donkey and the owner knew he was losing his fight against cancer.

It took Jenny a long time to find her way, settle in and connect with other donkeys. Now, finally after almost 1 year she found her friend in Antonella.

Do you want to help up take care of this beautiful lady? Please become her sponsor by clicking the button.

Margaritha arrived at DonkeyDreamland in October 2020 after her owner sadly passed away. Margaritha had no place to go, since she is a big donkey with a lot of character.

It was difficult for her to adapt with us after being with her owner for 7 years. After 3 months she started to accept her new place and life. She stayed with us for 8 months but in this time she didnt bond with another donkey. Luckely a nice young Finish lady fell in love with her and adopted her. We were very happy for her, she became part of their family and always went a long while her owner was walking her dogs. Unfortunately her owner passed away in August 2023 and the family contacted us.

Margaritha has now experienced double trauma and double grief. We think she is gonna stay with us for a long time.

Do you want to help us to take care of this lovely giant lady, please click the button below.

If you prefer to make a donation by bank transfer, please transfer to ES70 2100 3103 9622 0045 0624

If you prefer to make a donation using paypal, our username is: info@donkeydreamland.com

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