Saturday 5/02/2022. A brief glimpse into the daily activity at Donkey Dreamland.

As followers of our blog will know, Olivia, our newest rescue is now with us. 😊❤ She has had two visits from our vet… and he recommends we give her time and lots of love before making any big decisions. We are on it. We love you OLIVIA.❤

Amaya’s cat Mellie had an amazing connection and bond with Pepe, our much missed donkey who passed away just a few weeks ago. Many of us see a great deal of Pepe in Olivia, and as this short video shows, Olivia and Mellie are bonding in much the same way. Seeing interactions like this brings tears of joy to our eyes. Towards the end of the video we can see that Olivia is still struggling to walk – but every day sees her improving and we are so proud of her. More on Olivia’s progress over the coming days, but in the meantime, yesterday was a busy but fun day. See more below….

There were donkey walks, donkey treatments and donkey maintenance. The team of volunteers do amazing work, and yesterday was no exception.

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