Israel and Romeo


Although much of the focus remains on Olivia, who is doing well as you will see in the next blog posting, given that there have now been 29 rescues, we want to take time to give you the stories of some of the other donkeys.


Israel was the 3rd Donkey at Donkey Dreamland and arrived just 3 days after Romeo and Juliet. He came from Torrox a town east of Malaga (near Nerja for those of you that know the area). He had been living in a small chicken coop and seemingly fed mostly on stale bread. He had been castrated, which was good, but he had no documents.


A neighbour denounced the owner and sent Amaya photos hoping that she might be able to help. Amaya went and spoke with the owner and the owner agreed to give him up for rescue.


Although there is no detailed proof of his history, the suspicion is that he was taken from his mother at a very young age and had been on his own for most of his 7 years as he didn’t know how to interact with other donkeys. When he arrived at Donkey Dreamland he was placed in a stable on his own, but after one day was placed in a paddock with Romeo and Juliet. After a couple of days, Romeo and Israel started a process of bonding, running around and occasionally playing together and after a few days they were fully bonded and are now inseparable. When a forever home is found, they will not be separated. They will be rehomed together.


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