Meet the Donkey Dreamland team

Donkey Dreamland really couldn’t operate without our large, and dedicated, ever-growing team of volunteers who give up their valuable time to help out at the sanctuary.

From cleaning paddocks to cleaning hooves and walking donkeys, their days are never dull and always filled with those magic moments that occur when you spend quality time with donkeys.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and together bring a wealth of knowledge and abilities that help us, as a working Rescue Centre, grow and flourish.

So please have a read from just a few of our many volunteers and if you can, why not offer your time to Donkey Dreamland and become a volunteer? You’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


Steve is our longest serving volunteer and has been a valued member of the team since January 2020.

I love volunteering at Donkey Dreamland.

As part of the ‘crew’ I’m responsible for cleaning the paddocks, general maintenance and caring for the donkeys.
I also look after much of the Social Media for the sanctuary. As a photographer I love sharing the photos I’m lucky enough to take of our beautiful donkeys on Facebook and Instagram.
There are many benefits to working as a volunteer. Making new like-minded friends is one of the best, but it really is hard to beat the fact I can hug a donkey whenever I want. That’s the greatest feeling in the world.


Helle has a special connection with the residents
of Donkey Dreamland, both human and donkeys alike

It’s a privilege and an honour to be part of the Donkey Dreamland crew and to spend time with these amazing and highly undervalued animals.

I do non-verbal communication with our donkeys to assist them in sharing their needs, helping them offload trapped emotions and showing us the cause of any pain or discomfort.

I also love taking them for walks in the beautiful landscape around the finca, hugging them, feeding them and shovelling their poop.

I’m proud to be the human companion of Lauritz who is making my heart sing.


Natalie is a valued member of the team. She is very popular amongst both the volunteers and the donkeys.

I joined the team at Donkey Dreamland in July 2020.

Due to the pandemic I have not been working since March 2020 so becoming a volunteer has been a wonderful blessing for me.

Not only has it given me something enjoyable to do, but I get to spend lots of time with the donkeys and watch their confidence and personalities develop.

I also enjoy meeting other like-minded volunteers and visitors.

Being part of this worthy cause is a fantastic experience.


Antonio is from Jerez de la Frontera but now lives in La Cala with his wife, Gisela and daughters Martina & Gabriela

My name is Antonio, I came to Donkey Dreamland and fell in love with the donkeys and its beautiful surroundings.

From that day on I spend every spare moment cleaning, taking care of, and spending time with the donkeys and volunteers.

But the greatest gift for me is the time I am
able to spend with Lola, a very special donkey who is teaching me to be ‘present’, to feel the silence and to experience a love that is beyond words.

I am hugely grateful to belong to this community that cares so lovingly for these donkeys.

Thanks Donkey Dreamland.


Nico is another of our Spanish volunteers. He works hard building shelters, paddocks and anything else we need.

My name is Nico and I have been volunteering at Donkey Dreamland for quite a while.

I carry out a lot of the maintenance, such as building and clearing rocks from the paddocks, but the best parts of working here are the harmony, the sharing of experiences and being able to spend time with each of the donkeys. That really is incredible.

The positive energy that I find at Donkey Dreamland is what makes it such a special place.


Patricia has been a volunteer since September 2020 and brings her wealth of knowledge to the sanctuary.

Donkey Dreamland is my second home.

I am a primatologist and with my training I am in charge of animal welfare, carrying out the evaluation of the physical, psychological and social state of the donkeys in the sanctuary.

As a volunteer I carry out any necessary duties, but every day I spend time caring and listening to the donkeys braying, and seeing them happy as a group.

The rescued donkeys are the hardest part since I empathise with their suffering, but at the same time it fills me with strength to provide them with the happiness and care they haven’t yet known.


Pedro is our award winning Paella maker, but he doubles as a fantastic volunteer here at Donkey Dreamland.

I had never had contact with donkeys but I got involved In the project to the best of my ability and somehow my life changed.

I have met wonderful people and discovered that my little donkeys are full of goodness and love. Qualities that they have transmitted to me from the first hug I gave my ”girlfriend” Cleopatra, my favourite donkey.

I encourage you to volunteer. Let’s give the burritos a better life. See you at Donkey Dreamland!


Jane is a valuable member of the team and living locally means she can spend lots of time at the sanctuary.

I’ve been volunteering at Donkey Dreamland
since we opened in August 2020.

The experience I’ve gained in that time is immense.

Being a volunteer is a busy, hands on role and our jobs range from ‘mucking out’, washing the donkeys and even helping with veterinary procedures.

I’ve always had a passion for Donkeys and now I’ve got to understand their different characteristics, I love them even more. Everyday is the best day at Donkey Dreamland.

Wietse & Mary

Wietse and Mary are a great addition to the Donkey Dreamland crew and bring a wealth of experience.

We are Mary and Wietse and since our retirement we have been volunteering at several animal sanctuaries in the USA and Spain.

When we read about Donkey Dreamland we thought it would be a lovely change as we hadn’t worked with donkeys and were curious, what they were like and what we could learn about them.

Having been here a few months now, we can safely say, they are really lovely animals! And as an added bonus we have a great leader in Amaya and have met a fantastic group of volunteers.


Amber and her friends Kerrie and Sarah have found time to volunteer at Donkey Dreamland due to the pandemic

Like my friends Kerrie and Sarah, I’ve always wanted to spend time helping a local charity but never had the time, so I was overjoyed when Kerrie suggested Donkey Dreamland.

I really can’t think of anywhere better to spend my day off and it’s very rewarding to see the new donkeys getting better each week.

I also love the fact that we all get a workout from walking up and down the hills as Donkey Dreamland is set in a beautiful location in the Spanish countryside.


Sanna says that for donkeys, just like her grandchildren, she has an endless supply of patience and affection.

I have a long history of volunteering with both
human beings and other animals.

Donkeys have intrigued me as long as I can remember and my love of these animals has inspired me to learn about their behavior, wellbeing, and training.

At Donkey Dreamland I can spend time with them, while also helping with the basics such as cleaning the paddocks.

I am fortunate to be able to be a part of this community that helps rescue and rehabilitate these beautiful creatures.

Julie & Lynn

After a visit one Sunday afternoon Julie and Lynn were inspired to become volunteers here at Donkey Dreamland.

After our visit, Lynn and I were inspired by the
incredible atmosphere and ethos of the
sanctuary and decided to become volunteers.

Our responsibilities include cleaning paddocks and stables, ensuring donkeys have food, clean water and supporting other volunteers in achieving the smooth running of the sanctuary and it’s fantastic to be part of such a strong, like-minded and hard working team.

The greatest pleasure of volunteering is having bonding time with the donkeys and getting to know their very individual and distinct personalities – It’s joyous!


Kerrie and her friends, Amber and Sarah, have found time to volunteer at Donkey Dreamland due to the pandemic.

I’ve always wanted to offer help to one of the local charities, but with freelance work, I never felt I could commit to regular days or times.

But a positive thing came from the past year. I found that I do have more free time than I thought and both myself and my friend Amber knew that Donkey Dreamland was where we wanted to volunteer and spend our Monday mornings and I can’t think of a better way to start the week.

Such a tranquil place. Plus we get exercise and most importantly we’re part of these wonderful animals lives. Heaven!


After being furloughed from her job due to the pandemic, Sarah finally found time to volunteer at the sanctuary

Since having my first baby in February 2020, I’ve been occupied with busy “mum” duties, but in September 2020 I enrolled my baby in nursery, which gave me extra time to do something useful.

My friend Kerrie was already a volunteer at Donkey Dreamland and I asked her if I could tag along.

I don’t regret it one bit as it’s such a lovely place and so peaceful – and although hard work some days, I find it really relaxing. I’m sure the other volunteers would agree.

Become a volunteer

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