Three Little Piggies

Help us get the new piglets happy and integrated

Although we are very much a donkey rescue centre and sanctuary, ALL animals matter and when Amaya heard the story about these three little piggies, she knew she had to act to save them.


A few months ago a group of pigs were found abandoned. Whilst they were all adults, they were tame – but one was particularly tame and very friendly. Obviously she had previously been a pet.


She was initially taken in by a lady who ran a rescue centre for so called “dangerous dogs” but the mix didn’t work, so a friend of hers, Rachel, offered to take her in and named her Darcy. Rachel was back and forth to the UK, and was shocked to one day get a phone call from one of her daughters saying that Darcy has just given birth to four little piglets! Imaging the shock, when no-one even knew that Darcy was pregnant.


Unfortunately, due to a serious family illness in the UK, Rachel and her family have to move back to there for a while. Darcy will be well looked after, but the piglets were always only going to be temporary. The plan had been to find them loving homes – but there is no time left now. So up stepped Amaya.

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