Three Little Piggies

Help us get the new piglets happy and integrated

Although we are very much a donkey rescue centre and sanctuary, ALL animals matter and when Amaya heard the story about these three little piggies, she knew she had to act to save them.


A few months ago a group of pigs were found abandoned. Whilst they were all adults, they were tame – but one was particularly tame and very friendly. Obviously she had previously been a pet.


She was initially taken in by a lady who ran a rescue centre for so called “dangerous dogs” but the mix didn’t work, so a friend of hers, Rachel, offered to take her in and named her Darcy. Rachel was back and forth to the UK, and was shocked to one day get a phone call from one of her daughters saying that Darcy has just given birth to four little piglets! Imaging the shock, when no-one even knew that Darcy was pregnant.


Unfortunately, due to a serious family illness in the UK, Rachel and her family have to move back to there for a while. Darcy will be well looked after, but the piglets were always only going to be temporary. The plan had been to find them loving homes – but there is no time left now. So up stepped Amaya.

Pigs make adorable pets. Not only are they loving and loyal, but they are also very clean! Donkey Dreamland will focus on preparing them for the next stage of their life. With your help, we will show them love and get them happy to be with both people and other animals. You can help. Of course money is always needed and taking on a these gorgeous three little piggies will add to the financial pressure, so donations and sponsorships are always  gratefully received.


But you can help with the finances AND help with their integration. Come and take the piglets for a walk around the sanctuary. Enjoy their company, help them integrate and help towards their costs. Book a Walk with The Piglets today!

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