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Donkey Dreamland is currently home to 20 donkeys although the number can go up or down on any day. The aim is to rehome most donkeys to enable more animals to be rescued, brought back to health, and rehabilitated.

On arrival, all donkeys are assessed for health issues including skin, hair, hooves, weight and psychological wellbeing. This is especially important as many donkeys have a mistrust of humans due to abandonment and mental or physical abuse.

At Donkey Dreamland rebuilding trust, building rapport and providing love, play a massive part in their day-to-day work and the gentle interaction with children and adults helps the donkeys to feel safe from harm and enabling them to regain their dignity. 

Donkey Dreamland not only provides the perfect environment for rehabilitation, but it also provides the perfect platform to educate all ages about these beautiful and intelligent souls. The ultimate aim is to rehome the donkeys, although there will always be some that cannot be rehomed for various reasons.

These are the donkeys who have so far been lucky enough to be rehomed in their Forever Homes.

Please help us continue in our work by either sponsoring a donkey or make a one off donation below.


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