• Donkey Dreamland couldn’t operate without a dedicated team of volunteers supporting the vast number of activities required of a working Rescue Centre. So why not become a volunteer and join the ‘donkey tribe’.

Whilst many volunteers take on the important role of “pooper scooper”, cleaning the paddocks and stables, plus feeding and grooming the donkeys, there are so many equally important (and often forgotten) roles.


There is always work to do around the paddocks, whether this be repairing fencing, building new shelters, erecting shades, fixing water leaks and repairing weather damage, to name just a few. This is an area where we are always short of volunteers, so if you have any of these skills or know of anyone who does and who may be interested in volunteering, we would love to know!


Behind the scenes there is always much to do. Whether this be organizing volunteers so that there are enough committed each day (morning and or evening), writing thank you emails to our amazing supporters, creating newsletters and there is an immediate necessity: Before our website was fully operational visitors registered manually. As such we have approximately 1,000 email addresses from people actively wish to receive information updates from us, but we haven’t had a chance to input their details into the database. Can you or anyone you know help with that?

Fund Raising

A regular flow of funds is the lifeline for the donkeys. Volunteers could work with bars and restaurants local to them organizing fund raising events. The local business benefits from footfall and trade and we would benefit from a small cover charge, plus takings from auctions and raffles. Maybe organize a music event or a fun quiz.

Become a volunteer

If you’d like to know more about what becoming a volunteer entails get in touch:

WhatsApp: +34 640 11 16 51
E-Mail:  info@donkeydreamland.com

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